Digital Africa 2016 / introduction

The 2016 edition is Themed “Accelerated Development for Africa with IoE (Internet of Everything) holds from the 1st – 3rd of June, 2016 at the International Conference Centre, Abuja. The Internet of Everything has gone from a small and interesting topic of conversation to an industry with the potential to change the way the world functions. In recent years, we’ve entered a new era of connectedness beyond the human realm. More and more objects in our physical world are now able to communicate with each other – or with us – through embedded sensors, tags, and actuators without human involvement. These “smart objects” can see, hear, feel, and smell the world around them. Intelligence embedded into personal items, household appliances, cars, clothing, factory equipment, and infrastructure generates vast amounts of valuable data that can be collected, networked, and analyzed for a wide range of business, societal, and personal advances.

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Special Features / digital africa 2016

Speakers / meet the leaders

Robin Raskin

Founder, LIDT

Robin Raskin is founder of Living in Digital Times (LIDT), a team of technophiles who bring together top experts and the latest innovations that intersect lifestyle and technology. LIDT produces confe...

Adekunle Ajiboye


Adekunle Ajiboye is an embedded systems innovator and a distinguished alumnus of McMaster University Hamilton, Ontario Canada with graduate degrees in Engineering and eHealth. He is a Computer Informa...

Daniel Asare-Kyei

Geo-information Scientist

Daniel is a Geo-information Scientist, an Agricultural economist and a Farmer. He has a unique mix of professional experience, from international development to entrepreneurship to rich scientific car...

News / stay informed!

Exploring the Future of Wearable Technology

The organisers of Digital Africa Conference & Exhibition have seen the future of wearable technology, and are leaving no stone unturned in ensuring that more Nigerians key into the new technology, writes Emma Okonji Wearable technology, wearables, fashionable technology, wearable devices, tech togs, or fashion electronics, as the name implies, are clothing and accessories incorporating computer and advanced electronic technologies. The designs often incorporate practical functions and feature...

The Internet of Everything (IoE)

The Internet of Things (IoT) or IoE (Internet of Everything) is changing the business playing field and the African continent will definitely not be left out, creating opportunities for new sources of revenue, smarter interactions with customers, and greater efficiency. Yet IoE introduces new technical challenges. How do you securely connect intelligent devices via the Internet to your enterprise, capture data at the “point of action,” and analyze huge volumes of machine-generated data in real t...

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International Conference Center,
Central Area, Area 11, 900 Herbert Macaulay Way, Abuja FCT, Nigeria
+234 803 632 2600

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