5th Digital Africa Conference

The 4th Industrial Revolution has already begun in the West where profound changes (with more dramatic ones to come) are already taking place on the above listed areas. The big question is where does Africa fit into this Revolution? Does Africa have the time to prepare for it or even the capacity/capability to participate in it, considering the circumstances and conditions the Continent faces (poor infrastructures, inappropriate or missing skills, limited innovation culture or research facilities, limited venture capital, and much more)?

Africa should be part of this approaching Revolution and shape its future accordingly, in order not to lose out on it as well. To help Africa prepare itself better, our Conference will bring African and International experts together to address how these new technologies will affect our lives and reshape our economic, social, cultural, and human environments. Unless something dramatic happens, or the developed/emerging countries willingly transfer their knowhow (about these new technologies at play) to Africa to solve some of its severe problems (of diseases, draught, poor agriculture yields, malnutrition, unemployment, poverty, and so on), there is no way the Continent can be part of this Revolution or enjoy the advantages/optimism listed above (at least not for the majority of the population).