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DA jobs platform is capacity building knowledge base for ICT sector jobs.

DA Conference & Exhibition

This is a platform for sharing African tech and ideas.


Highlighting the emerging role of African Chief Information and Technology officers.


Interviews with the leading executives in the ICT sector.

Education Series

Products and partnerships to make ICT a cultural fixture of our educational system.

Tech review

DA reviews of the latest tech trends in Nigeria.


Folliwing DA 2016, this summit will channel the ideas from the conference.

DA 2017 Conference

Digital Africa Conference & Exhibition is an annual assembly of the leading companies and government agencies involved in the promotion and development of the Information and Communications Technology (ICT) sector throughout Africa. In the last four years, African and indeed global ICT experts have been provided a platform in the annual Digital Africa Conference & Exhibitions to highlight the avalanche of challenges inhibiting Africa’s efforts at embracing evolving technologies and proffer solutions on how to get out of this digital pessimism.

As an advocate for digital technology, the aim of the organisers is to promote the adoption, diffusion, and active development of digital technology in Africa. Developments in the world have shown that in every period of 100 years, a revolution occurs which alters the economic alignment of the world. For instance, the first revolution made Great Britain a global super power. The second led to the establishment of the dominance of America as the worlds’ only super power. The third revolution unleashed the wave of globalization that has lifted over a billion people out of poverty in less than 50 years.